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Terms & Conditions of Hire
The "Hirer" is the person who submits a booking online, or, where the online form is submitted on behalf of an organisation, the organisation itself.

Thorner Parish Centre is let to the Hirer on the following conditions.

Payment in full ('Fee') is required within 48 hours to secure a booking, and must be paid by BACS after booking. Click to view the CHARGES.

A BACS payment is required to provide a breakages/damages and cleaning deposit. This will be refunded after the event if no damage has occurred or excess cleaning is required. Click to view the CHARGES.

A booking can be cancelled without penalty, up to 14 days prior to the booked date. (Not applicable to multiple bookings).

Bookings for public holidays, including but not limited to, New Year, Easter, Bank Holidays and Christmas, may be subject to an additional charge depending upon demand and market conditions at the time.

For multiple bookings, the Fee must be paid within 14 days of receipt of the account.

The Fee entitles the Hirer to use the facilities requested on the Booking Form, for the date and times stated on the Booking Form.

The Hirer cannot use the premises or facilities for any other purpose than that stated on the Booking Form.

PLEASE NOTE: The Hirer is responsible for obtaining any necessary licences for entertainment, gaming or the sale of alcohol.

The Trustees of Thorner Parish Centre reserves the right to cancel any booking:

(1) should the Hall become unfit for the purpose for which it was hired, or
(2) subject to 2 months notice. (Not applicable to single bookings).

In either case without any liability for consequential, or any other loss, whether to the Hirer, or any third parties.

The Hirer will be responsible for any damage to the Hall, damage or shortages to contents, damage to 3rd party property and any legal liability for or to those persons using the Hall.

In the event of any such damage or shortage, the Trustees will be entitled to have the same repaired or replaced and recover the cost from the Hirer.

The Hirer or his representative must be in attendance during the booked period, and will be responsible for ensuring all Conditions of Hire are met.

A representative of the Trustees of Thorner Parish Centre is entitled to be present at any function, without charge, to ensure that the Conditions of Hire are met.

The Car Park, or glebe land, must not be used for ball games. The Trustees of Thorner Parish Centre accept no responsibility for any stored equipment or property brought on or left at the premises, unless previously agreed in writing.
Vacating the Hall
The Hall must be vacated and the doors locked by the finishing time stated on the Booking Form, which in all cases will not extend beyond midnight for each individual day comprising the period of hire.

On leaving the Hall, lights and heating must be turned off. All doors must be closed, and all exit doors locked.

The Hirer must make arrangements for the return of the keys to the Booking Secretary or a Trustee within 24 hrs of the end of the booking period.

Responsibility for cleaning

The Hirer is responsible for setting out tables and chairs etc, and stacking them and returning them to their proper location.

The Hirer is responsible for washing and clearing away any crockery, glasses and cutlery. This includes emptying the dishwasher and leaving the facilities in a clean and tidy condition.

(Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in an extra charge being made to cover labour and cleaning costs incurred.)

Responsibility for noise level
The Hirer is responsible at all times for ensuring that noise is kept to a reasonable level within the building, car park and the area around the Hall.

If doors and/or windows are open when music is being played, the Hirer must ensure that the noise level outside the building will not cause disturbance to adjacent properties.

For evening bookings, music must be turned to a low level at 11:00pm and the hall doors and windows closed to contain the noise. The building should be vacated by 11:30pm unless an extension has been granted by the Trustees of Thorner Parish Centre.

The hirer shall reduce the volume of music if required to do so by a member of the Trustees of Thorner Parish Centre or someone acting with the Trustee's authority.

Those attending any function must leave the Hall and car park with the minimum of noise, so as not to inconvenience local residents.

Responsibility for electrical equipment

The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that any electrical equipment (including amplification/sound systems and musical instruments) brought into the Hall, whether owned by the Hirer or a third party, must be safe to use.

Fire and Safety Regulations
The Hirer is responsible for familiarizing him/herself with the Fire Safety regulations as advised by the Bookings Secretary, and for ensuring compliance with such regulations by all users of the Hall throughout the period of hire.